Small update on Legacy 3

So the launch date for Legacy 3  – [Title unkown] was first set to September. And guess what – it’s September but no Legacy 3 to be seen in the stores.
I was really trying to get it done by now and when I first wrote the script it really felt like I would be able to make it. However the game has grown during the development and there is no chance of me releasing the game in September. More likely is November if everything goes according to plan.
I’m so sorry for this but I want to release a game that feels worth the money so by delaying it hopefully the quality of the game improves.

As an apology I provide some screenshots from the game, hope you like them 🙂
PS. The screenshots are all from an early stage in development and all of them will change in some way before release.

PS.2. Spoiler warning.

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    1. Hi! I’m so sorry for the delay and also for not letting you know about it. The game is in its final beta-stage now for Android. It should be released sometime next week for Android. I’m sad to say that Apple-users will have to wait until very very early next year if not a miracle occurs next week.
      I was really hoping for an early release but the game just kept on growing during development..


    1. You’re one of the first 🙂 How long time did it take you?
      Thank you for the review, will reconsider changing the hints as you suggested.

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