My first blog post. For real.

So I haven’t been very active here lately, or not active at all actually. I’m not really sure yet of how much I’m going to use the blog but I will try to update once in a while.

Since about 1-2 months ago I’ve been thinking about my next game, another game in the Legacy series. This one takes place before the first game, Legacy – The Lost Pyramid (that will recieve a facelift after the next game btw). Instead of playing as Mira you are now playing as Harley, the brother who is missing in nr L1 and L2. I felt that there was a story to be told, and I hope you will like it. Not going to be much more specific about the story here, but focusing more on the game development itself.
Oh and also, I apologize for my english in this blog. I’m swedish and have never really got the hang of english grammar.

The last couple of days I’ve been working on the interactive system in L3. Interactive system for me means how the game interprets your finger on the screen and how that should be calculated into a movement of an object, or clicking a button. This system consists of atleast four big divisions:
– Moving the camera to look around
– Rotating an object by spinning it
– Rolling an object by dragging
– Sliding an object by dragging
Note: this is made up by me.
The difference between rotating and rolling an object is that in rolling you only move your finger over one axis whereas rotating is over two axis.

Rotating vs rolling
Rotating vs rolling

I just finish these four divisions, or atleast the first iteration. Usually there is a lot of tweaking needed after the beta testers try the game for the first time.
This system is a big upgrade from L2 (and an astronomical compared to L1), since the objects now can have physical properties attached to them, like weight, drag and momentum. The way I calculate how much to rotate the objects is also different from L2 with this system being much more precise. In L2 if you rotated an object it would follow your finger instantanleyusy…instantaniously…really? It would follow your finger very very super fast. This made the object feel weightless and hollow. It also came with an unwanted effect of snapping the object very quickly to an unwanted rotation. This is removed in L3, and it feels really good. I can write more about how that works in detail another day.

Another image of rotation and also dragging:


Rotating with momentum, dragging and more rotating

That’s it. My first real blog post. Maybe there will be more.


8 Replies to “My first blog post. For real.”

  1. I don’t care what you say, what you create is every bit as good or better than The Room. This blog was incredibly interesting – can’t wait to see more. Any chance you would create a tiny little program before the whole next game is ready where we can test out the new drag functionality / feel you are developing?

  2. Grymt jobb! Riktigt kul att se hur du utvecklats över tid som utvecklare när man jämför L1 och L2! Ser verkligen fram emot L3 🙂 När uppskattar du att L3 kan släppas?

    1. Tack så mycket! Kul att du kan se en utveckling. Det kommer inte bli lika stor förändring från L2 till L3 som L1 till L2 dock.

      Jag siktar på att ha spelet klart i September, jag brukar tyvärr missa mina deadlines med en månad i snitt så ta det med en nypa salt.

  3. I just purchased this game thinking it would be fun. As soon as I opened it I realized I was in trouble. Was this game made for Android? I have absolutely no idea what to do. I am so disappointed. Can you help me?

    1. Glad you liked this one 🙂
      I first said that Legacy 3 should be out in september. Unfortunately it is more likely to come out in November. I had to delay it because the game is getting bigger than I first planned.

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