First blog post

Hopefully I will write about the development of the next Legacy game here.
Atm I’m just trying to get this site to work properly.


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  1. The greatest game I’ve played recently! Thank you very much for the time you’ve spent for the development! This game surely has to be in one list with quest hits like The Room! Thank you very much once again!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m honored that you compare my game to The Room-series, even though I consider those games to be masterpieces and way ahead of Legacy in terms of quality.

  2. Hey pal ” liked legacy 1and 2 a lot and look forward to playing more of your games” I know was wondering if u could send me the the
    Message that’s in the paper at the end of legacy 2 is I have only managed to read a little as my phone Is a little cheap thing with crap screen pixels ‘ any way love all the stuff about the ufo, s and would like to read the full story on the paper as I could only cipher bits hear and there, I thank you mate

  3. Dear David,
    Am playing, Legacy 2 The Ancient Curse.
    First, your games are Epic, in design and game playing.
    I am, however, having a problem for Level 6, to retrieve the glue bottle.
    I have done the Youtube, walk through, several times.
    I keep getting a blue bottle, with saying, ” Bottle of Something ”
    Instead of a green bottle of glue to fix the mallet in level 6.
    Have tried several times, I know am doing something wrong, but can’t require it out.
    Could you help me, so wish to finish level 6.
    Thank you so much,

  4. Loving Legacy 2 but…

    Might have found a bug (look away, spoilers). In room 16, I crossed the stepping stones, had the earthquake, was informed I needed to find a new way out. But then I took a break and when the game reloaded I was on the original side of the chasm – and no way to return to the side of been “trapped” on. This can’t be good news… I suspect I might not be able to do tasks in the right order now. Any thoughts?

    1. Oh man I thought fixed that one. Are you playing on Android or iOS? This bug breaks the game, and I’ll have to fix that in a patch. Really sorry for this.

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